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  • Avocado Bacon ~ 250g

    Avocado Bacon ~ 250g

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    € 2,10
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    € 2,10
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    The price per kilogram is 8.50 €

    The Bacon species is a little different than Hass. Lighter with slightly less fat. Pleasant nut flavor. The skin of a ripe avocado is very thin, so be gentle. 

    It is a perfect fruit. Yes, a fruit that grows on trees and is picked quite intricately. Avocado can be eaten alone, with porridge, vegetables, even avocado ice cream is very tasty. Complete “super” food because of its endless values. It has a lot of good fat we need, a lot of potassium, fiber, antioxidants and much more.

    The fruit is rich in lecithin, which regulates metabolism, activates the activity of brain cells, cleanses the walls of blood vessels, protects the liver from the accumulation of fat.
    Plus terribly delicious!

    After eating 100 grams, you will provide yourself:

    calories: 160 kcal
    carbohydrates: 8.53 g
    fibrous matter: 6.7 g
    fat, of which:
    saturated 2.13 g
    monounsaturated 9.80 g
    polyunsaturated 1.82 g
    protein: 2 g

    <br> Vitamins:<br> A: 7 μg 1% recommended daily allowance (DN) <br>
    A: 7 μg 1% recommended daily allowance (DN)
    beta-Carotene: 62 μg 1% (DN)
    lutein zeaxanthin 271 μg
    B1: 0.067 mg 6% (DN)
    B2: 0.13 mg of 11% DN
    B3: 1.738 mg of 12% DN
    B5: 1.389 mg of 28% DN
    B6: 0.257 mg of 20% DN
    B9: 81 μg 20% ​​DN
    C: 10 mg 12% DN
    E: 2.07 mg 14% DN
    K: 21 μg 20% ​​DN

    calcium: 12 mg 
    iron: 0.55 mg 
    magnesium: 29 mg 
    manganese: 0.142 mg 
    phosphorus: 52 mg 
    potassium: 485 mg 
    sodium: 7 mg  
    zinc: 0.64 mg
    fluorine: 7 µg

    Delicious and to health!