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  • Yellow dragon fruit ~ 460 g

    Yellow dragon fruit ~ 460 g

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    € 12,88
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    € 12,88
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    The price per kilogram is 28.00
    Country of origin South America

    The fruit of the dragon grows on a cactus of Hylocereus, also known as the Queen of Honolulu, whose flowers open only at night. The plant is native to southern Mexico and Central America, but today it is grown all over the world.
    Dragon fruits are becoming more and more popular. While everyone loves them primarily because of their unique look and taste, they have been proven to be beneficial to your health as well. These fruits are high in nutrients, rich in antioxidants and very low in calories.

    To preserve flavor and nutrients, dragon fruit is usually eaten raw as a healthy snack or rubbed into cocktails. They are also used in jams, ice cream, fruit juices and wines.
    Haven’t tasted this exotic fruit yet? Definitely worth it!