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  • Walnuts in dark chocolate 100g

    Walnuts in dark chocolate 100g

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    Repeat and say that walnuts are nutritious - too little. Vitamins and antioxidants obtained with these nuts are extremely important for the immune system, as well as for brain function, fight against free oxygen radicals and inflammatory processes in the body. They contain significantly more healthy omega-3 fats than any other nut. 
    Walnut is a large deciduous tree with a height of 25-35 m and a trunk of up to 2 m. diameter. 
    Walnut shells can be used for ink (writing and drawing). It is believed to have been used in the past by artists including Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. 
    Walnut shell pigments are used as brown fabric dyes, and in classical Rome and medieval Europe they were used to dye hair. 
    These nuts are usually eaten as a snack, but they are perfect for salads, pasta, breakfast porridge, soups and pastries. 
    Walnuts are the main ingredient in baklava. They are also used to make walnut oil. 
    Whether you’re cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks - walnuts are a great choice! 

    After eating 100 grams, you will provide yourself: 

    calories: 655 kcal 
    carbohydrates: 14.6 g
    fat, of which: 
    saturated 6.6 g 
    polyunsaturated 41.2 g

    <br> Vitamins:<br> A: 7 μg 1% recommended daily allowance (DN) <br> 
    Vitamin A: 31 μg 
    Vitamin C: 11.2 mg 
    Vitamin E: 2.6 mg 
    Vitamin B1: 0.4 mg 
    Vitamin B2: 0.1 mg 
    Vitamin B3: 4.2 mg 
    Vitamin B6: 0.7 mg 
    Vitamin B9: 72 μg 

    Zinc: 5.6 mg 
    Calcium: 106 mg 
    Magnesium: 247 mg 
    Potassium: 966 mg 
    Iron: 3.7 mg 
    Phosphorus: 420 mg 
    Selenium: 2 μg 
    Iodine 1.2 μg

    The price per kilogram is 21.00