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  • Granadilla ~ 125g

    Granadilla ~ 125g

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    The price per kilogram is 18.00

    Granadia, along with passion fruit and passion fruit, belongs to the passion fruit family. There are as many as 200 varieties, but these three are usually found in stores. Granadia is the least known. This oval fruit is recognizable by its orange, green or yellow skin. The taste is slightly sweeter compared to the well-known passion fruit.
    The hard shell of granadilla is inedible. The deliciously sweet flesh is gelatinous, with black edible seeds. Heavy texture.
    Granadias are a good source of vitamins A and C, their antioxidants strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and promote collagen production in the skin. The fruit is also high in fiber, phosphorus, as well as a lot of iron, potassium and calcium.