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  • Mangosteen fruit ~ 110g

    Mangosteen fruit ~ 110g

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    Mangosteen (sometimes called purple mangosteen) is an evergreen tropical tree with edible fruits native to the peoples of Southeast Asian islands. The tree grows from 6 to 25 meters in height.
    The purple peel of the fruit is sometimes used to make natural dyes, so the fruit should be handled with care so as not to stain clothes or wipes when touched.
    Due to its unique taste, mangosteen is a new ingredient used in cooking. From ice cream, cocktails and yoghurts to salad dressings and soups, fruit can be added to many of our favorite foods and drinks or just eaten fresh. The possibilities are endless, so it just takes a little imagination.
    Most healthy lifestyle experts would recommend including mangosteen fruit in your daily diet. It contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, and it is low in calories (this fruit is usually about 63/73 kcal).