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  • Almonds without skin in a wooden box
    Almonds without skin in a wooden box

    Almonds without skin in a wooden box

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    In the box you will find 100 grams of almonds.

    Almond is a nut that is still often referred to as the king of nuts. It contains more nutrients that are good for the human body than any other nut. Almonds are a great food for the brain, they are low in saturated fat, rich in omega-6, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, zinc and protein. Vitamin E protects memory and promotes alertness, while vitamin B6 helps restore damaged brain cells. Magnesium improves blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Also due to the minerals, magnesium and copper contained in almonds, man is supplied with energy.
    So, it is not only very tasty but also very useful food for man. By eating at least a few nuts a day, you will see for yourself the benefits they bring to the body.

    After eating 100 grams, you will provide yourself:

    Calories: 575 kcal
    Carbohydrates: 22 g
    Protein: 21 g
    Fat: 49 g

    Vitamin E: 26,2 mg
    Thiamine: 0,2 mg
    Riboflavin: 1,0 mg
    Niacin: 3,4 mg
    Vitamin B6: 0,1 mg
    Folic acid: 50,0 mcg
    Pantothenic acid: 0,5 mg
    Choline: 52,1
    Betaine: 0,5

    Calcium: 262 mg
    Iron: 3,7 mg
    Magnesium: 268 mg
    Phosphorus: 484 mg
    Potassium: 705 mg
    Sodium: 1 mg
    Zinc: 3,1 mg
    Copper: 1 mg
    Manganese: 2,3 mg
    Selenium: 2,5 mg