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  • Grapes pitted green. We offer to buy the bunch, which weighs ~ 200 g

    Grapes pitted green. We offer to buy the bunch, which weighs ~ 200 g

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    € 1,96
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    € 1,96
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    The price per kilogram is 9.80 €

    The grapes are popular all over the world due to their versatility and variety. More than 72 million tonnes of grapes are grown each year worldwide, more than bananas, oranges or apples. However, only 12 per cent of this number is allocated to table grapes (intended and grown for fresh consumption). Most grapes turn into wine, producing 7,2 trillion a year. liters of wine. 
    Viticulture is probably as old as civilization. Archaeologists have evidence that the grapes grew as far back as 6500 AD. in present-day Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. And in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, grapes and wine were very important in eating and preparing social rituals. 
    The nutrients in grapes are good for health, they are especially praised for their benefits to the heart. Grapes are a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamins and other minerals. They are also suitable for people with diabetes. 

    After eating 100 grams, you will provide yourself: 

    calories: 69 kcal 
    carbohydrates: 18.1 g
    protein: 0.72 g
    fiber: 0.9 g
    sugar: 15.48 g
    fat: 0.16 g

    <br> Vitamins:<br> A: 7 μg 1% recommended daily allowance (DN) <br> 
    Vitamin C: 3.2 mg 
    Vitamin E: 0.19 mg
    Vitamin B1: 0.069 mg 
    Vitamin B2: 0.07 mg 
    Vitamin B3: 0.188 mg 
    Vitamin B5: 0.05 mg 
    Vitamin B6: 0.086 mg 
    Vitamin B9: 2 μg 
    Vitamin K: 14.6 μg 

    Zinc: 0.07 mg 
    Calcium: 10 mg 
    Magnesium: 7 mg 
    Manganese: 0.071 mg 
    Potassium: 191 mg 
    Iron: 0.36 mg 
    Phosphorus: 20 mg