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  • Extra Virgen Vivarium oil 100ml.

    Extra Virgen Vivarium oil 100ml.

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    Acidity  <0,20º. Squeezed from Arbequina, Picual, olives grown in the Castellon region

    Olive oil is obtained from olives, the fruit of the olive tree. Olives are a traditional Mediterranean culture. This oil has long been a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, including ancient Greek and Roman cuisine. Wild olives were collected by the Neolithic people as early as the XNUMXth millennium BC. In addition to food, olive oil was used for religious rituals, medicines as fuel in oil lamps, soap-making, and skin care products. The Spartans and other Greeks used the oil in sports.
    The olive tree has historically been a symbol of peace between nations. In Greek mythology, he played a religious and social role, especially in the city of Athens.
    The five largest producers of olive oil are Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Italy. However, national consumption per capita is highest in Greece, followed by Spain and Italy.
    The taste of the olive oil is influenced by the variety used to make the oil and the time when the olives are picked and ground (less ripe olives give a more bitter and pungent taste - ripe olives give a sweeter feeling in the oil).
    The most suitable place for storing olive oil: in a cool, dry and dark place. It is necessary that the oil does not get heat from either the devices or the sun. Doing so will keep the oil fresh for longer.

    After consuming 100 grams, you will provide for yourself:

    calories: 884 kcal
    carbohydrates: 0 g
    protein: 0 g
    saturated: 14 g
    monounsaturated: 73 g
    polyunsaturated: 11 g
    omega-3: 0.8 g
    omega-6: 9.8 g

    <br> Vitamins:<br> A: 7 μg 1% recommended daily allowance (DN) <br>
    Vitamin E: 14 mg
    Vitamin K: 60 μg
    Iron: 0.56 mg

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